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Welcome to my site.


I am a long-time VISUAL DEVELOPMENT ARTIST for animation and related media, specializing in CHARACTER and COSTUME design utilized in entertainment and educational venues.


YOU want to create a unique new world and need "beings" to inhabit it.  That's where I come in: 

I'll research all aspects of the story circumstances and present you and your team with multiple iterations of the "actors" who will be your cast.


Emotional range, postures, body alterations, growth from infancy to aged; wardrobe changes and or complete costume transformations--- all part of the package, if you desire.


Within this site, you will find a small sampling of projects I have contributed to over the years.  My credits consist of over 18 animated feature films, most recently "ZOOTOPIA" and "FROZEN"; direct-to-video, DVD and TV show titles, plus aftermarket venues including some consumer products and book illustration.


Let's create together!






***The images you are about to see are strictly for employment purposes.        Please do not copy or distribute, under penalty of law.

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